Story of LeadBrander


Hey, I am Simo from Italy, and I would like to tell you a bit of my story and why Leadbrander is alive.

First Of All, Cash On Delivery is the future!! Maybe this is the first time you hear this confirmation, no worries! Keep reading to understand.

The only thing that I hate in marketing is lying! But, unfortunately, some marketers lie a lot to sell their products or services.

So before anything, I want to say this, Cash On Delivery is a great business module and will last for long years simply because it gives the buyer the feeling of security in their hearts.

The Consumer knows he won't get scammed on your store because he will pay only when he receives the product, unlike a dropshipping store that many sellers don't even ship the order when the money is received, and many others ship low-quality products, and after a while, the store is closed and disappeared as it has never been alive.
So there is no one there for you even to complain! And the only solution is to call your bank account for a chargeback.
It is a sorrowful story; if you think of it for a while, imagine someone who bought a gift for his loved one, and after one month, they will be shocked by a scenario like this.

On the other hand, Cash On Delivery is entirely safe. You will pay only when you receive the product, and most companies give you the right to open and see if what you bought is what you received. Moreover, delivery time is super fast because store owners know that they will deal with a high return rate if they didn't have a fast shipping.

I agree that COD Business has more expenses, but those who understand marketing know that high price is relative. For example, an iPhone Pro Max for 500 dollars is super cheap, while Nokia 5.4 for 500 dollars is too expensive.

So price is not the issue. Branding is made for this!
As you see, Cash On Delivery has enormous advantages, resolves big problems, and makes you a lot of money.
In 2017 was my first attempt to sell online. I create a dropshipping store on Shopify. I remember it took me four days to create my store, add products, upload images, and fix shipping plans.
When the store is ready, I start testing products using Facebook ads; it was catastrophic results; I spent 2000 dollars, and I got 200 dollars of sales, but this wasn't my first and last attempt.
Failure helped me realize that the stores that I was creating looked like spammy dropship stores and didn't look like a big brand that people love and trust.

In 2019 I started my first Cash On Delivery store, and I tested my first cosmetic product. It works like fire, and it still a winning product and working for me until today. I know, I know many people won't believe it, it always happened when I say that I am working on the same product from 2019 until today.
You may ask about the secret. It is as simple as you pick up a product, even a saturated one, that people use every day, and it resolves a real problem. Of course, it should be a product that works, not garbage!
You brand it using or any store brander service and start selling :)
The essential thing to success in eCommerce is the product itself, landing page, and video. If you did any one of these wrong, you probably wouldn't sell.
All the experience that I learned from 2017 I made it in one platform to automate my process, managed my leads, call center and shipping companies, even the landing page design I made in software, and now it is accessible on for everyone for free.

This is my story, and this is the story of Leadbrander. It is a story of failure and success. It is not just a store builder or cod lead manager. It is a proven system to run a successful eCommerce business. It is available for an accessible price to make it possible for people like me who struggle with ads and many costs to get a positive ROI, so it is crucial to cut costs, so Leadbrander was made to be on budget, all in one platform.

It cuts costs of landing page creating platforms, virtual assistants that you may need to treat leads, cod management software, and increases sales by branding your products, so customers trust you more and buy more from your store.